Placing Team Name Amount of Possums
1st Furr real 363
2nd The Furriest Four 201
3rd In and Outlaws 181
4th Furburger 168
5th Turkey Ticklers 164
6th Road Kill 145
7th Fluffers 101
8th Road Kill 98
9th Committing Purgery 66
10th Batty Bats 64
11th Mission Impossunable 54
12th  Possum Patrol 48
13th Arcadia Outcasts 45
14th One Hit Wonders 39
15th Shot in the Dark 37
16th Dead by Lead 20
17th =


Miko Hunters


May Contain Nuts


Hot Stuff


Thank you to all of the 23 teams that entered the Possum Purge this year. It was a mammoth effort from everyone, breaking the record by a lot of possums. This not only supports our school in our fundraising efforts, but has made a huge impact on the environment. The destruction possum’s make is now lessened thanks to the shooting teams.

Thank you for the huge effort of the organising committee which involved Shaun Holland, Aira Holland, Shelly Priest, Rebecca Jones and Garry Frazer. The work behind the scenes was a mammoth effort and they pulled off an amazing event. We had another big team working with the possums, from tying, plucking, hanging and drying over 5 days. To Andrew Hames (legend), Shaun Holland, Glen Taylor, Andrew Birt, Nigel Birt, Rebecca Jones and Alex, Campbell Priest, Jono and Tina Smith as well as Pete Hames and Nick Boulgaris. Also to “Possum” who lent us his plucker to help us forge ahead with the huge amount of possums that needed plucking. Five days!!

1848 Possums


Thank you to all of our sponsors